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17 مارس 2022
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The Pier Mall New Capital

The Pier Mall is the best among others to invest your money, it is the first integrated administrative, commercial, medical, and entertainment mall from Dolmen Real Estate Development Company in the most places that guarantee the success of your investment in a short period in the heart of the New Administrative Capital in the midst of many famous compounds. It includes many administrative, commercial, and medical units of different sizes in order to find what suits you with ease in The Pier Mall New Capital.

Enjoy the beauty of nature and get out of the burdens of your day in the wonderful atmosphere of the charming nature where trees and landscapes mixed with the finest designs of artificial lakes and fountains that increase the luxury of The Pier Mall New Capital, in addition to the exclusive services and features that made The Pier Mall one of the finest investment projects that make you get everything possible with luxury.

Customer care is one of the most important features of Dolmen Real Estate, so it has provided a lot of entertainment in The Pier Mall, not to mention the best engineering designs provided with the highest quality standards by engineers and consultants who have great experience in this field.

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Where is The Pier Mall, Administrative Capital?
One of the most important reasons that make you choose The Pier Mall with all your comfort is the uniqueness of the real estate developer in choosing the construction site, as it is the only one of its kind in this distinctive area that includes about 25,400 housing units, so it is a place with a high population density, which results in ensuring the success of your investment inside The Pier Mall New Capital.

One of the most important features of the site is its proximity to the most important axes and main roads, which is something that many think about how to reach the mall. The Pier Mall made you get rid of all your burdens because it is a short distance from all you need from government services and facilities as well as entertainment, and The Pier is the capital The new one is located on a main square in the third district, R3, and it is the most luxurious area in the new capital, especially because all the surrounding communities are characterized by sophistication, and it also has a wonderful view of the Green River.

The Pier Mall New Capital is located near Bin Zayed South Axis.
One of the most important roads near The Pier is the New Central Ring Road.
The Pier Mall New Capital is steps away from the monorail station.
A short distance from the financial and business district, the government district, and the diplomatic district.
The Pier Mall is very close to the Egypt Mosque, and Christ Cathedral.
The Pier New Capital is a few minutes away from the exhibitor's land, and the famous Al-Massa Hotel.
The administrative capital airport is minutes from The Pier Mall.
The Pier Mall New Capital is Close to the heritage and arts district.
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The space of The Pier Mall
Space is one of the most important factors for the success of any project because it includes geometric shapes, designs, and the division of space between buildings and recreational methods, it is the first thing that the eye falls on when you enter The Pier Mall New Capital, and it is the most important factor to attract investors and customers, so the real estate developer has made a great effort when developing the urban and engineering planning for the entire project, to appear in an unparalleled aesthetic.

The total area of the mall is about 3,044 square meters, and only 40% of the total space has been used for construction. The mall consists of a ground floor and three upper floors with an area of 1,220 square meters per floor, and the floors were divided so that each floor includes a number of units as follows

The ground, first and second floors have been allocated for commercial units in The Pier Mall New Administrative Capital.
The third floor is devoted to administrative and medical units within The Pier New Capital.
In addition to The Pier Mall New Capital's restaurants, cafes, service, and entertainment venues.
As for the rest of the space, the real estate developer excelled in making it all that is comfortable for the soul and relaxation, and it includes many artificial lakes and fountains that increase the luxury of the place, in addition to providing the best possible division of green spaces for all customers and investors to enjoy clean and pure air, as a, all The Pier Mall units have a panoramic facade open to the most beautiful scenic views.

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Project design
If you are a fan of luxury and sophistication, you should take a look at The Pier Mall, where The Pier Project New Capital is characterized by exquisite designs characterized by meticulous detail, and it was presented using the ideas of Talent Mix company, and the ingenuity of the real estate developer appeared in the engineering design of The Pier Mall New Administrative Capital from the outside and the elegant white facade And dividing the facade of the floors from the outside so that each floor appears separate from the other, with the most beautiful interior finishes and high ceilings that suit the owners of high taste.

As well as the units that have a unique design with great views of the most beautiful scenic landscapes, which are very easy to look at to restore your daily activity in The Pier Project New Capital.

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Get a lot of exclusive services at The Pier Mall New Capital
Dolman Real Estate, thanks to its capabilities and a huge investment volume, was able to appear in the new administrative capital strongly, so it wanted to make its project The Pier, a meeting place for all investors and customers from inside and outside, by providing everything that increases the chances of success of any project of its choice And to ensure the achievement of luxury while carrying out your activity in order to complete it to the fullest, the real estate developer has provided all the basic and recreational services that you can find in the entire capital’s compounds and put them in The Pier, which is as follows:

The Pier Mall New Capital is equipped with a modern security system, as surveillance cameras are distributed everywhere, and security personnel is working 24 hours a day to secure every inch of The Pier Project New Capital.
Enjoy your favorite foods and spend fun time to the sound of music in a dedicated area with international and local restaurants and cafes, where a selection of the most skilled chefs was hired to provide you with service at the highest level inside The Pier Project.
The Pier Project includes a large conference hall equipped with the latest technology and includes many individuals.
Live an exceptional shopping experience among the shops, as The Pier New Capital includes a huge variety of local shops and international brands, which there is no other like it at all.
The smart facility system has been implemented within the project, including lighting, air conditioning systems, and a central shower inside The Pier Project.
There is more than one main office, and there are also reception areas for visitors that provide excellent hotel services in The Pier Project New Capital.
An entertainment area for children with attractive colors and a Kids Area, with many entertaining games and entertainment activities for them.
Rove The Pier includes a large swimming pool, for more recreation
A large supermarket inside the mall that provides you with all your food needs. It works throughout the day inside The Pier Project.
The pharmacy provides you with all medical supplies and offers its services around the clock inside The Pier Project New Administrative Capital.
The real estate developer provided maintenance and sterilization services throughout the day, and there is an office to receive complaints and malfunctions.