Pay 10% Down payment in Get Store In Radix Agile Mall New Capital 89M

17 مارس 2022
مستوى التفاعل
Available services in Radix Agile Mall New Administrative Capital
There is a distinct set of integrated services within Agile Business Complex, the most prominent of which are the following:

Enjoy your delicious meal or your favorite drink in a group of fine restaurants and cafes in Radix Agile Mall New Capital.
You can go out in an unparalleled shopping experience in a luxurious commercial area that offers the most famous international brands that those with refined taste are looking for.
On each floor of Agile Business Complex, Housekeeping and IT Control Room services are available.
A children's entertainment area with many fun games to keep them entertained in Radix Agile Mall.
Meeting rooms are equipped with the latest technology and high-end furniture, including VIPs for business leaders.
Radix Agile Mall is fully secured with security personnel deployed everywhere and modern surveillance cameras that work non-stop to monitor all strange movements.
There are private and separate entrances to shops and other administrative offices.
There are multiple possibilities in designing spaces within the mall so that you can choose what suits you best inside Radix Agile Mall New Capital.
Get distinguished medical services that make your unit an integrated clinic within Radix Agile Mall.
To maintain stability within the project; There are 3 emergency stairs and a fire elevator in Radix Agile Mall New Capital.
Medically equipped and spacious elevator, and other panoramic elevators that facilitate the transition between different floors.
The mall includes large screens to display various medical, administrative, and commercial advertisements.
Spacious garages to accommodate the largest number of cars and prevent congestion in front of Radix Agile Mall and have smart systems, Parking Smart Management & Mechanical System in Radix Agile.
To ensure daily cleaning of the facades of the mall; Automated Faced Cleaning System is available.
The various systems inside Radix Agile Mall (central air conditioning system - firefighting system - lighting system) are managed through the facility's smart BMS system.
Units types and their different spaces in Radix Agile Mall
It is a unique project in an attractive location in the heart of the New Administrative Capital, which is considered the future of investment in Egypt. It was implemented on a huge space of about 40 acres, a land space of 7,500 square meters has been allocated to build the mall, and it includes many units with elegant decorations and different and varied spaces between shops, administrative offices, and medical units to suit all investment activities that customers are looking for.

Radix Agile New Administrative Capital is a mall designed with a smart system that meets the desires of many investors, and the green spaces and charming water bodies occupy the largest part of its space, and the remaining part has been allocated to various units of different spaces, which can be clarified through the following:

The ground floor includes a spacious plaza on a space of 2000 square meters in Radix Agile Mall.
The commercial space on the ground floor starts from 25 square meters with a height of 7 meters and 25 square meters with a height of 4 meters on the first floor in Radix Agile Project.
The second floor has been completely allocated to the owners of the units and includes distinguished meeting rooms, a gym, a kids area, and restaurants that enable entrepreneurs to have a distinguished business dinner, and the height of the units is 8 meters.
The third to the last floor is occupied by administrative offices and medical units with a height of 8 meters in Radix Agile Project.
Prices and payment systems at Radix Agile Mall
Own your luxury unit now and get the best prices and flexible payment systems inside Radix Agile Mall New Administrative Capital!

Along with the integrated services and wonderful advantages that the project enjoys; The real estate developer has been keen to offer prices that do not accept comparison and easy and convenient payment systems for the customer to choose from among which are in line with his requirements and capabilities, as follows:

Shop prices start from 60,000 EGP inside Radix Agile Project.
Administrative office prices start from 18,000 EGP.
Clinic prices start from 23,000 EGP within Radix Agile Project New Administrative Capital.
The payment systems within Radix Agile Business Complex are as follows:

Without a downpayment, the unit price will be paid in equal installments over 4 or 5 years in Radix Agile New Administrative Capital.
The customer pays 10% of the unit value in advance of the contract, and the rest of the amount is paid in equal installments within 6 years.
The client pays a 20% downpayment of the unit value, and the rest of the amount is paid in equal installments within 7 years inside Radix Agile.
The customer pays 25% of the unit value as a downpayment, and the rest of the amount is paid in equal installments over 8 years.
A 10% discount is available for lunch, and 30% for cash in Radix Agile Project New Capital.
What are you waiting for to get the unit that suits you and start your successful project inside the finest malls in the heart of New Administrative Capital?! for more details; Connect with us!